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December 22 is the Winter Solstice, the day the Earth is furthest from the sun in its eliptical orbit.

Think about how, for years uncountable, people have waited on this day, watching for the light to begin returning more strongly, minute by minute each day hereafter.   Solstice; so brief, so fleeting from heaven, the wintry sun is barely glimpsed in the sky before all is obscured by the dark yet again.  This, the shortest day of the year, when the Earth is furthest from the Light.

When you are faced with times in your life that mirror the longest nights of the year, how do you think about the Light?  Is it a-far off in the distance, glimmering so wanly in the wintry sky?  Or, do you hold it close as a candle flame, cupping the small warmth in your hand and casting out around you  in the dark, letting the small light kindle hope in a sphere of influence all around you?

“Let your light shine before all, that whosoever sees it will recognize that you reflect the divine light of heaven into their eyes.”  Paraphrase Reflection on Matthew 5:16

Yes, you.  You, who are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), you are a light, reflecting Eternal Light.  The Eternal Light of God was poured out into this place, this planet, and filled the whole being of but one man, Jesus Christ, who was also God; Incarnate in human flesh, God walked on this Earth.  You have probably heard of the phrase the “Visited Planet.”  Not only did God’s feet tread on soft mosses and grass of this good earth, breathing the the crisp clean oxygen made by our trees and forests, but we are also Visited Beings.  God chose the form of humanity to walk this earth with.  Because we have been blessed with a Visit to corporeal human flesh, God has claimed us to be Light-bearers.

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