For me, there is no line between my spiritual life and my love of nature.  Conservation practices are deeply rooted in the Judeo-Christian world view.  I receive my greatest joy from sharing both my love of nature and the spiritual life with others.

Exploration of both of these spheres of life for me provide the richest experience in spiritual growth towards the health of all Creation.  How can one not feel the mystery of the presence of God when standing among tall trees and almost feeling their breathing presence as they stretch heaven-wards over their centuries (if so blessed) of life?  How can one not feel a sense of connection to the spiritual world that under and overlies this physical realm we are tied to but for a short span of years?
Laying on our backs and looking up into the endless blue sky of the heavens; or even if we gaze up into the molded clouds of moisture ever-changing and rolling, forming and re-forming, one can almost sense the deep connection to spirit that is but a thin cord tying us to the earth and the ground.
When coming across “thin places,” which as far as I have found always originate in some natural setting, it is that much easier to stop for a moment and turn inward, listening to that connection that is deeper than deep, straining to hear what message may be found to feed our souls and touch our hearts.  From that point, we are given the choice to listen and “endeepen” ourselves, like a newly rooted seed, into growth of spirit, growth of compassion for the living earth, or we can pass it off like so many other “intuitions” that seem to have no relevance to our physical lives.
I would urge you, of course, to “endeepen.”  How else will our race and kindred reclaim our ties to the natural world?  A world that is calling out to us for help? Those that have ears to hear, let them hear!
In Endeepening Peace,

~ Scottrick

About Scottrick

Parent ~ Pastor ~ Poet ~ Author
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