There is an ancient practice I learned about from a little book describing a First Nations practice, consisting of a three-fold path of blessing.    The formula goes something like this: Bless the one being hurt, bless the one doing the hurting, and bless this witness of it.

I think what it means, basically, is that the more we hold others and ourselves in mutual blessings of good will (regardless of their or our own struggles), the more positive energy consciousness will be raised on the planet as a whole, thus enabling all of us to rise to a higher level of being-and of love.  This goes not only for our fellow human beings, but for all Creation.

I was reminded of this three-fold blessing today, it came after yesterday’s phone call from one person and reading through a letter I was sent right afterward from another.  When we are held in sacred prayer by others, and when we hold others in sacred prayer, that prayer can take many forms.  Blessing is a kind of sacred prayer.

Being linked in to another’s heart/soul level, is a deeply moving thing. I am blessed that no matter what happens in the future, I always know that I share a link deeper than words, a link I believe is a spiritual link, allowing for mutual exchange of blessings, on a level buried deep down.  This link is hard to understand, especially for those for whom it may be threatening because for whatever reason they may not share awareness of such a link.  For those who may feel this way, take heart!  You are not any less loved, in fact, you are loved just as surely and faithfully!  Bless you for hurting.  Bless that which is hurting you, and may this witness bless all to increased wholeness.

If you are a soul with a few deeply hurting spots, then please consider working on those with a spiritual director or spiritual counselor.   Others may recognize it and hurt for you, trapped in your own struggles.  Be encouraged, if you are in this place in your journey, allow others to pray for you, and we will.  We pray that arms of love will reach out to enfold and heal you.  Listen.  Breathe.  Feel.  Let go and love, Let go and live.  We bless you.  We bless that which hurts you, and we bless this witness of it.

As blessing grows and glows, may reconciliation, healing, wholeness, peace…whatever it may needs be…grow in you as well.  Fear not!  This is a journey that many take, myself included.  I only hope and pray that this blessing will be of great help to many more lovely, troubled souls.

Faithfully yours,


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  1. scottrick says:

    Thank you, Sala. “Scottrick” is a pen name I’m using with this site; I’m trying it on to see what I think. I kind of like some of the St. Patrick stuff I’ve read, so I’ve tacked on the “rick” in his honor. And a Celtic blessing for you, one of the best:
    “May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face…”

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