Cleaning up the Gulf

Dear Colleagues,

I have a special request.  I just saw a demonstration for an incredible way to clean up oil…if it works with salt water!  Someone who lives near a body of salt water please try this experiment and let me know if it works with salt water, too!  I will enclose the link below.

If nothing else, this would make a fabulous object lesson for sunday school or children’s sermon time about caring for God’s creation, which is a Biblical command as old as Genesis 1:28 “…rule the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, and all the living things that creep on earth.”  The Hebrew word for “rule” in this passage is not “have dominion over” as Western civilization has often taken it (from the Latin connotation in the Vulgate translation of the Hebrew).

It means, instead, to “take responsiblity for.”  This is foundational to the existence of human kind on the planet, in the midst of God’s creation, and as one of God’s Created.  To look at this passage with the Hebrew meaning intact, the deeper connotation is one of earth-care, of “tending” God’s creation so that it flourishes.

If you have such contacts, please consider sending this along to everyone you know that can get it through the red tape to both BP clean up efforts and Congress.
If this works in salt water, what an incredible green way to care for our ocean and clean up this spill (and any future ones-wishing of course that there would not ever be such)!

In prayer for the Earth and all that dwell therein,


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  1. Scott Crane says:

    Thank you, Jordan. May you be at peace. ~S

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