The last time I wrote, I posted a poem on journeying:

The seat of joy
Leads treading feet
On paths unknowing,
Yet oh so sweet.

Tread softly there
Where mists obscure
Discover joy
Simple, pure.

When mists arise,
The view is clear;
But at your feet,
Such beauty dear.

Now, perhaps,
I touch a goal:
Being fully present
For my journey-soul.

~ stc

It occurred to me recently that my poem could be unpacked a little bit, and then even that could be unpacked a little bit more.   So I offer to you some thoughts about journeying here now, hoping that you will be blessed in some small way.  Let me begin with just a little bit of unpacking, not a lot:

What is life but the journey from soul to Soul, body to Body, forgiven to Forgiving, served to Service, loved to love and Love? I find that in breathing there is prayer, in contemplation there is compassion, in mercy there is justice, and in ever-flowing streams there is a glimpse of the Eternal. Such is the life of the Spirit, which is at the core of every one of us, and if we but listen to the deepest inner quiet of our beings, we will encounter the rubric by which our life might be most complete.  So, to begin that journey, turn inward and begin exploring the passages of the inner castle of your heart.  Within, you will find your spirit, and with in that you will find Spirit.

How would you most be complete?  What is your innermost passion?  What, for you, holds your true happiness?

In blessing there is Blessing.  May you be Blessed.

~ Scottrick

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Parent ~ Pastor ~ Poet ~ Author
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2 Responses to Journeying

  1. Elise says:

    Wow- thanks for this piece Scott. What a blessing your thoughts are! (Especially to those of us still fully ensconced in summer camp, w/o much time to contemplate the journey…)

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