How we live.

“Live well. Live wisely. Live humbly. It’s the way you live, not the way you talk that counts.” ~ The Message

We all live our lives making choices everyday.  Interpreting this passage leads me to share with you the following thoughts:

Living well.  To me this means that your life is filled with purpose.  You know and understand your gifts and are using them for good.  You are able to give of yourself for the betterment of others, that you share a piece of your spirit with each person you work with and touch each day.  This means a greater Spirit is at work in you and you let it freely speak as you go about your everyday life.

Live wisely.  To me this means that you exercise personal Sabbath keeping.  You know when to say yes, when to say no.  You are able to discern when you are led to proclaim using those same gifts, and when to keep quiet for the sake of others.  Honoring spirit is a joy for you.  Honoring yourself and others is a means of doing it.

Live humbly.  To me this means exercising sustainable choices in your lifestyle.  This means honoring others above yourself.  This means exercising good and proper judgment upon your own “wants” and “needs” in life, from the perspective of the greater good. It means witnessing gently, treading with great respect upon the earth, and allowing great inner peace to spread outward from your own inner life recognizing that we are caretakers of that which we have been honored to receive.

In my life, and in my workplace, Menucha Retreat and Conference Center, we strive to live this message.  We strive to share hospitality with all our guests, no matter who they may be.  When guests come and spend time with us, we prepare all that we can ahead of time to ensure that the space is given to honor the purpose for which guests come.  If space and silence is what you need, then we strive to meet that.  If guidance for your retreat time is something that you value, we will do what we can to provide you with the tools or structure you need in exploration.  If community building is the goal for your group, then we can facilitate engaging experiences with our professional staff.

It should be no different for any of us extending the hospitality of Christ to others in whatever we do, wherever we work.  After all, “…It’s the way you live, not the way you talk that counts.”

~ Scottrick

About Scottrick

Parent ~ Pastor ~ Poet ~ Author
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