Lent 2011

Coming March 9, 2011, the season of Lent is one of my favorite times of year.  The earth has begun to show forth its splendor, reminding us that resurrection will come.  Spring-time growth has in its impatience anticipated the spring equinox by a few weeks.

Today, one month ahead of the equinox, I found snow drops  already blooming as I took an afternoon walk.  A very early dwarf iris which stands 4-6 inches high I never noticed before is blooming with rich variants of royal purple-I can’t help but think in anticipation of Christ and the Lenten journey ahead.

I have found that my own spiritual rhythms during this time of year begin to become realigned with those of the earth.  As the sun rises earlier, I begin to match its rhythms.  As the Light rises and remains in the heavens longer each day, so, to, do I find my spirits rising and remaining lighter as the days go by.

Winter is past, and new life has begun.  Let us pray that new life also blooms anew within us.


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1 Response to Lent 2011

  1. Elise says:

    Purple iris…ahhhh. One of God’s most incredible works of art in nature!

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