God and Nature

A pastor colleague of mine wrote:  

It’s interesting that when ministers are asked what their most formative Christian spiritual experience was that led to their choice of vocation that something like half of them say, “Summer church camp!”  In our comments section there has been some interest in exploring what “Earth Church” might look like.   A highly successful Jewish spiritual community in Boulder, CO is centered around activities where people experience God in nature.  Check out their website at www.adventurerabbi.org.  There has also been a resurgence in exploring Celtic Christianity and nature-based spiritualities.

I think there is something to this cultural yearning we are having about returning to nature.  I am not sure what the full message is yet.  But, I do wonder if our traditions have lost touch with our connection to nature as we moved to the cities and our religious traditions became more rooted in buildings and social networks.  I do know that today I felt like God and I were playfully teasing each other in a way that I often don’t get in my church experience.

How remarkable that such a playful interchange can still be felt in the midst of life-endangering weather.  I am awed at the ability to view his experience in this way.  But I am also craving for my own journey the ability to view all life experiences-and nature is ranked up on my highest favorites list-as an interchange between God and my own little self.  How amazing it would be if we could just turn over in our mind and see God teasing and laughing with us in life.

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