Memories from Camp-Christmas 2004

Dear Ones,

Camp buildings are closed up and the silence at night (in between occasional traffic on the country road) settles over everything now that the other school program staff have left for their holiday vacations. The snow lays like a white blanket upon the ground. I watch tiny intermittent flakes drift down from a gray sky, blown by an occasional wind. Snaking out into the lake like a ribbon is a small remnant of as yet unfrozen water. Across the lake bare branches outlined by snow stand in mute testimony while an occasional evergreen brings sharp contrast.

Winter is a time of reflection, and I find myself ruminating on the dream that caused me to move from Anchorage, AK to Newaygo, MI. For years I have dreamed about working full-time at a camp, and now that I am here, what lesson have I learned? Hard it is to embrace a dream that has been reached, for then it is no longer a dream but a daily occurrence. Even as I take stock of what has been, I hold it up to the Light and find that shining through from the other side are yet still more illusive and unfulfilled dreams that march ahead of me into the mists. Some have been with me as long or longer than my camp dream.

One thing remains clear as snow once again begins to fall and obscure the far-seeing eye. Every moment of our lives, we are where we are supposed to be. Some lesson can be learned from each dream that dissolves into mist, each castle in the sand that we recreate from those same mists. Our task is to reach out and grasp at the meanings, to realize in our hearts what is most important, and to live a peaceable life accepting with humble grace the lessons we learn. “Look up, and laugh, and love and lift…”

It is not always that we know in the exact moment it happens the importance of any event in our life, or the importance of others in our life. But it is clear that we are given the chance to be thankful for our lessons learned and our friends gained. So I urge you to be thankful and lift up in prayer your lessons, friends, and family.

Peace of Christmas,

~Scott Crane

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2 Responses to Memories from Camp-Christmas 2004

  1. Elise says:

    As always, my friend, timely and right on. I appreciate the sandcastle image- esp. in the winter. 🙂

    • scottrick says:

      You are most welcome…I have several other posts I was considering as I went through 16 years of Christmas letter writing. I may post them as well in the next week or so.


      Scott T. Crane, CCE, CCRL
      Menucha Retreat & Conference Center

      Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail 

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