Waiting for Snow

Waiting for Snow. . .

In 2009 I sat on the window seat looking out at the grey sky, watching the birds busily make breakfast from the last of the seeds in the feeders. As I gazed out south toward an approaching storm, I wondered if it would be rain, snow, sleet, or hail? I had hoped for some snow.

Snow is so cheerful, so delicate to watch as it floats down from heaven to gently kiss the earth. Then, after flakes have accumulated for some time, the snow begins to soften all the rough edges, gently transforming the earth into one smooth white blanket.

Two nights ago I went to bed and couldn’t go to sleep right away because I was entranced by a heavy, wet snowfall illuminated by the street lamp just across from our bedroom window. Large flakes just kept coming down. As I watched them, a sense of peace filled me; a sense that I have been missing for some time. When the snow falls, it causes a transformation; it takes all things recognizable and by its very nature causes us to look at things in a new perspective, because things become altered even as we know that what lies under that mound over there is a bush now covered by snow, smoothing all the rough edges…

Isn’t that like Christ? He, who was born so many years ago and whose life fulfilled so many prophecies from Hebrew scriptures. He, who came to “make the rough places plain.” He, whose life has impacted entire civilizations with God’s message, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven has come near!” He, whose example of selfless giving and sacrifice has become a model for so many faithful seekers longing to live a meaningful life of compassion, mercy, justice, and love. He came to soften our rough edges, to save us from our world-roughened selves.

What rough edges have you gained this past year?

What would it take to smooth them out again?

In what way does Jesus make the rough places plain for you?

Do you find yourself in the role of transformer, transformed, or both?

Have you set any goals for your spiritual life for the new year?

As you reflect on these things, may the Almighty One give you the gentle arms and outstretched hands that you need to step forward into newness with faith.

~ Scott T. Crane

About Scottrick

Parent ~ Pastor ~ Poet ~ Author
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