Labyrinth Message

A Surprising Wonder

At APCE last month, I went to the labyrinth to walk it on a whim.  I had wanted to earlier in the week, but thought I’d do it “later” when I had time.  Then the time came, and I was prompted to go and walk.  I did not have any purpose for this walk – no weighty decisions to make, just a vague sense that I might try to let my cares and worries drop away like Autumn leaves, then listen for whatever might be a message for me.  I walked in; struck eventually by the flickering lights…there was a message there that was for me – but what was it?

I reached the middle and waited first in the unknown.  Then I moved on, asking for guidance from the angelic/divine realms, then finally resting in the Person/People.  There!  That was it! I must not let the divine light within me flicker and die out because of stress from within a relationship.  Instead I would pray for her to be received in the arms of God-reaching out and touching her-and healing me.  As I walked out, finding my way on the path without an action in mind to carry out, I thought how could this be?

Perhaps God will respond – perhaps prayer will be answered.  Who knows that walking the labyrinth, with nothing really in mind other than release, illumination, and return, would bring me to a place where I can let go, let God, and lean for a moment into the peace that passes all understanding.  A surprising wonder, indeed.

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4 Responses to Labyrinth Message

  1. I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading.

  2. And I hope you don’t mind I reblogged it!

  3. Reblogged this on Labyrinth.Living and commented:
    So similar to mt labyrinth thoughts sometimes. God always listens.

    • Scottrick says:

      Thank you for your kind words; I apologize for not responding earlier. Life has been a bit busy with the infant and the toddler. She is already pulling up on things and standing there proud of her accomplishment…I think she’ll be walking earlier than the other one.
      Blessings on your journey. ~ Scott

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