Christmas Reflection

I sat down on the couch this evening after dinner for a brief moment after cleaning up most of the dishes and held my daughter in my arms.  Listening to light instrumental Christmas carols, I slowly began to relax.  I leaned back and became aware that she was just at that state where she was beginning to nod off; trustingly, she slowly lowered her head down onto my shoulder.  It caught at my heart, and as I listened to that Christmas carol in the background, it suddenly hit me; Jesus was once 7 months old, too.  He probably sat or climbed into his mother’s (or father’s) lap just like this, slowly lowering his trusting head down on their loving shoulder as he began to fall asleep.

Writing some 2000 years later, I have to reflect on that passage, “become like a child.” What does that mean for us; a total surrender of ourselves to be held in a loving embrace?  Yes, dear God, O yes, for it is now we who, before the deep mystery of God, need to trustingly put our heads down on Christ’s shoulder; he the parent, we the child.  Thanks be to God for this amazing and unfathomable gift!

Deep, deep is the mystery of God; deep, deep peace to us as well.  Merry Christmas, dear ones, may this find you flinging wide the gates of your own hearts to receive the greatest gift of all.

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