Advent Litnany of Mourning

In response to the shootings of children…my tears and words cannot express the ache in my heart and the sadness in my soul; some 2500 miles away I am reminded, yet again, that one of my callings in life is to minister to children.  My spirit longs to hold all those little ones up who have tasted fear, pain, ache, longing, and death for God to hug. For those who hunger and thirst for the Peace that passes all our understanding-especially now in this time, I offer this prayerful litany.  Any and all may use this even if it can but only begin to express or heal broken hearts.

~ Scott

One:  O Lord, reach out your spirit hands to touch, to hold, to help guide those elementary children’s souls home to you.

Many:  May Christ indwell the holes in all our hearts and the aches in all our souls for those who have been torn asunder-either because they are now with God and were torn violently and too early from this life-or because they are here and now, with their little loved ones gone on before.

One: O, Lord, be with all who grieve this day and always, especially when this time of year comes around again and those seats are empty at our table.  Help us to see through the veil to your eternal table and see their faces smiling as they feast with you, waiting for us to come home.

Many: O Lord our God, deep is the mystery of faith-deeper still sometimes is the mystery of life.  As we lift up our prayers to you, also be lifted up as the One who has gone on before us all, loving as we loved, aching as we ache, to be filled in your own good time with the glory of God, our Creator-the Maker of all souls.

One: When we come to this time, every year, and the familiar sadness comes to sit with us, we pray that you, O Christ, would come again, wrap your arms around us, and once more take our place:

Many: Bearing our sadness into your comfort, our loss into your love, our pain into your peace which surpasses all our understanding.

One: For it is in Christ’s name we pray,

All: Amen.

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