Two years later

I was reviewing my life (I tend to do this on a regular basis) and came across one of my own posts from two years ago that gave me pause for reflection. The original post,, wove itself around this central question:

Would God Call me away from something I love to do and point me in the direction of doing something else?

Now in life, two years later, I have downsized my career to part-time, taken on the role of Daddy (not only once but twice now) and am pursuing other uncompleted aspects of God’s Call (at least I hope it is!) on my life.  Namely, pursuing ordination as a Teaching Elder.  What that could mean, is I might be called way from something to do something else.  A wise friend of mine, one of the very few readers of my blog, responded to my original post two years ago and said “Maybe God is just calling you to a different model of ministry.”

Perhaps that is indeed so, as I continue to substitute preach, but never celebrate the Sacraments or linger much with specific congregations but itinerate hither and thither wherever the need is.  There are two churches left that I’m a regular visitor at, and they both are wonderful groups of people, and perhaps God is preparing me to work more closely with one of them, who knows?  I do, however, have to pass the one exam that I haven’t been able to pass first and complete annual growth objectives with my mentoring body throughout the preparatory process, but with God’s help, I will.

An interesting revelation has come to me recently about this whole process.  Perhaps I just need to learn to place compete and utter surrender/submission of my life in God’s hands in order for the next chapter to unfold before me.

And so, I discern, I study, I listen; and, I hope, I hear.



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