Conduits for God

In my last post, I began to reflect on the question “What is a human being?”  in light of the Great Emergence we are currently experiencing.  I have done some more reflecting on that since, this is the product of re-examining my initial reflections.

I discovered that I felt the following questions were as of yet unsatisfactory: What if scripture is a written conduit for God?  What if theology is a rational conduit for God?  What if beauty is an emotional conduit for God?  And what if the human being is a spiritual conduit for God?

I have since begun to reflect on them as if they were, actually, true.  Trying to broaden the sweep of universal response/experience, I am currently exploring some amendments:

Scripture is a written conduit for God.

Many faiths across many landscapes in the human experience have writings at some level that are exploring the human-divine relationship; some of them become Holy and passed down immutable as Scripture, other Scriptures are living breathing documents that people engage and re-engage throughout their lives, each edition “revised” with further explorations of faith and response.  Perhaps it is time to view all scriptures as God-breathed inspirations for a particular people in a particular place and time.

Beauty is an emotional conduit for God.

I cannot pause for a moment gazing at the natural world in all its splendor and not be moved by its beauty.  There are multiple sciences behind trying to explain it all, and all of these have their place to help deepen our understanding.  But there is an emotional response to such beauty that has not been overly explored.  The same emotional response can be generated by in other ways as well.  Music, Art, Aesthetics to name a few.  John O’Donohue, before his passing, began to explore this.  He writes, “May you realize that the shape of your soul is unique, that you have a special destiny here, that behind the facade of your life there is something beautiful and eternal happening” (To Bless the Space Between Us.).

Soul is a spiritual conduit for God.

Using the science of brain development as a metaphor, it is not hard to see that dendrites, which are the little threads that connect synapses in the brain, are like the soul, which would be a connection between the Divine, or Holy Spirit, and the human spirit.

All of this needs to have more work and reflection done on it.

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