Epiphany Devotion 2014

The Story of the Magi – Matthew 2:1-12

Background: The Gospel of Matthew is the only Gospel that records this story of the magi (Greek: “magoi”  plural form of  “magos” –  Noun meaning wise man, magician)

Read the story.  Note any differences from what you “know already” about the story.  Then reflect on the three sets of questions with your small group.

Informational Questions (designed to have direct answers found just by reading the text.)

Analytical Questions (designed to cause you to read between the lines or analyze potential meanings)

Personalized Questions (designed to bring elements of the story to life in light of your own experience)

Where are the wise men from?
Why did they come?
What was King Herod’s reaction?
What did King Herod do?
Did the wise men find what they sought?
Do you suppose the wise men all knew one another before they came?
What prompted the wise men to come?
Why do you suppose King Herod wanted to have a secret meeting to find the exact time the star appeared?
Why didn’t King Herod go with them to Bethlehem?
In your opinion, if he had, what would he have done?
What frightens you today?
How do you react when you feel frightened?  Threatened?
Which character in the story do you feel closest to?
Imagine you receive strange visitors bringing strange gifts to your child…what would your reaction be?
What keeps us from “following the star” today?
How might your life be changed if you did?
How might you turn your life into a gift for others?
Many thanks to Don Griggs for the three-tiered questions from “The Art of Asking Questions.”

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