Waking to the New Year

In the daily devotional The Celtic Spirit: Daily Meditations for the Turning of the Year by Caitlin Matthews, the first day of the year it is suggested one should take a walk, preferably outdoors.  During the walk, note 12 different things that leap out and seem to “sparkle.”  Take as long as needed to have those 12 things come.  Each time, note what it is, and why it seemed to sparkle, even if you are not sure why at the time.  When you return from your walk, sit down and write out those twelve things; if meanings and associations occur as you write, go ahead and note them as you go.  When you have completed your writing, assign the 12 things one to each month of the year, and spend time listening to how each might have a deeper message for you in a given time of your year ahead.

For me, in my busy life easily interrupted by daily responsibilities of parenting, home-making, and career, I have yet to reach my 12th item.  I had to mentally hit “pause” after my first attempt to complete this activity.  Since then I have had a few more insights / “sparkle” moments, not necessarily while walking in the outdoors.  One or two were during a daily commute.

I am still working up to my twelve, but I have noticed that my intention to complete this activity has actually opened up my awareness to being able to receive more such moments than I had in past months leading up to the new year.

Perhaps therein lies one secret of the spiritual life: when we are intentional about being open to awareness of “sparkle” moments, we come one step closer to bringing about our own ability to sense thin moments where heaven and earth come close.  There, in the midst of thin space moments, perhaps we can grow our own ability to listen and discern the will of God.

Such is my hope and prayer.

Peace to you and yours for 2014,

~ Scottrick

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