Labyrinth Walk May Day 2014

Springtime Reflection at Menucha

I walked into Menucha’s 009Rose Garden Labyrinth on May first with four things on my mind: Work, Ministry, Family, and Calling. You see, World Labyrinth Day, Saturday May 3rd, I was to be examined by my governing body to determine if I was ready…ready to be “Certified Ready to Receive a Call.” as they say. Basically that would mean my peers and mentors would believe me ready for the role of Pastor.

As I walked inward on the path my feet have trod before, I gradually became more aware of the views outside the labyrinth. Views of spring time; a huge old Rhododendron blooming, deciduous trees finally leafed out, dark fir and spruce trees constantly green, climbing roses starting to leaf out and needing a trim, a peek-a-boo view through the trees to the Columbia River far below, then around to another turning where the only view was up a path through the trees into the infinite blue sky.

Before I knew it, my feet reached the center. I stood staring up that path to the sky, then my eyes were drawn upward to the trees, then the space between the trees where the earth’s energy fields are easiest to see for those gifted with that sight. Then I gazed back down to the well-worn path laid down a generation ago leading away through the forest to the bluff.

“Wait,” was all I received. I mulled over that for a time; thinking the four cardinal directions might correspond to the four issues I had wanted to raise/release. I didn’t sense at that time which direction matched which issues; which might have been a different insight altogether if I’d followed the medicine wheel designations for North, East, South, and West…but all I received was, “Wait.”

So I walked out letting the message sink in until once more I noticed the surroundings outside the labyrinth. When I completed my walk and stepped out of that sacred space into the ordinary space of work, I went back to the office and my day, with waiting in my step.

May peace be yours at this turning of the year.

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