What is “Watershed Discipleship”?

What is “Watershed Discipleship”?.

I am struck by how this fits entirely into some of my native passions…earth care, awareness of God in Creation, our calling as all Christians, not just Christian environmentalists like myself to be stewards of all that has been placed in our care using all the gifts we might be able to bring to the table.

Perhaps it simply begins with learning more about where you live on this, God’s Good Green Earth, and becoming invested in healthy choices for your complete system-body, mind, soul, habitat.  With that in mind, this Earth Day, ask yourself:

What is your watershed?

How does it nuture you?

How do you nuture it?

Are there places of solace along it?

Does it need any restoration?

Is it life-giving to wild and natural things?

What forms of life/what beings have you seen along it and need it for survival besides yourself?

How can you encourage shared existence with your wild neighbors?


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