That which is to come

It has been six months since my very traditional ordination service in a traditional little country church.  The Holy Spirit has been the recent theme during this season of Easter and upcoming Pentecost.  I am in search of new insights on being clergy in the newness of today’s culture and world.

One insight I have had goes back a couple of years to presentations I heard by Phyllis Tickle as well as inspired by her recent book “Age of the Spirit.”  This age we are finding ourselves passing into, even as the Spirit showed Peter of old, seems to imply divisions and barriers will be dissolved (unless self perpetuated by those who have chosen to have deaf ears and blind eyes in the face of the fear of change).  This is both scary and exciting, nerve-wracking and comforting all at the same time.

What are we passing into?  We do not know.  The infant does not know what it passes into at birth, neither can we see through the veil to the place of our next existence very well.  I think our spiritual culture today is in that pregnant moment, waiting to emerge.  We are in the moment, yes, but it is a moment that is ever-changing, a moment that calls us to move/push on into the new unknown.  And how can we grasp it if we are held in fear?  Perhaps in letting go of the fear of that change, embracing the beauty of a new life unfolding like a flower in spring.

As we pass through into this new “Age of the Spirit,” how do you recognize unfolding Beauty?

What is Beauty to you?

How does God speak to your senses?

What is Soul?

How do you recognize when your soul is speaking?

Does God speak into your soul?

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