Repost Reflection on Revalation

Just what do you think about the book of Revelation in the Bible?  Here is an interesting reflection to start the conversation…maybe around the table at soup night this month?


Pastor Scott

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Take and Eat

The Book of Revelation tells us that the Apostle John experienced an angel urging and a Spirit prompting while on Patmos. A voice, a vision, a call from heaven…Take and eat this scroll. Eat the Word of God. As disciples of Jesus, the question is not whether we have made it all the way through the Bible, but whether the Bible has made it all the way through us. Not just eyes and synapses of our brain, but mouth and tongue and teeth and nerve endings and blood vessels and stomach and reflexes and adoration and tears and prayers and imagination need to be filled with the scriptures.

To the tempter in the desert Jesus declared, “Humankind does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from God.” The call upon our lives is to take God’s Word into our very lives. These words are intended to get inside of us, wake us up, and turn us inside out in order to form in us the mind of Christ.

Take and eat this scroll. We eat in order to live. We live in order to eat. It’s reciprocal—living and eating the Book, actions and written words. It was not enough for Jesus that the man build his house on a rock in order to protect and sustain himself during the floods and storm. No, Jesus said, “Whoever hears these words of mine and does them” will be like the one whose house is built on a rock.”

Living and eating, eating and living means letting God, the Holy One, have a say in everything we are saying and doing. It’s that easy. It’s also that hard.

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Article by Rev. Jill Ver Steeg, Coordinator for Transformational Equipping, Reformed Church in America.

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