I Turn Trembling

I chanced to walk around tonight,
With weighty thoughts and sigh;
Slightly under five mile long,
My thoughts, the Spring, and I.

Great Mountain watched a-brooding,
Robed in garment fair:
First white – then shadows slowly
Crept upon her shoulders there.

Great Light!  I cried, my soul unveiled,
What calling have you called?
To bring me to a nearer place,
Far from this Valley hall?

Yet what of these, your people
For whom I’ve weekly prayed?
Small yet dear they truly are,
So faithful, unafraid.

They welcomed me with openness,
Cast out their arms so wide;
This place, it beacons longingly,
You know I’ve tried and tried.

What is your Call, O Lord of hosts?
What would you bid me do?
Listening with openness,
I turn trembling, to You.

~ Scottrick

About Scottrick

Parent ~ Pastor ~ Poet ~ Author
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