Inspired by “Gift From The Sea”

Anne Morrow Lindbergh once wrote of a shell she discovered on the beach, beautiful to behold, simple and elegant, yet vacated both by its original creature and the hermit crab that later borrowed it for a time. As she reflected on the shell, she reflected too on the shape of her own life’s shell.[1]  What is the shape of your life?

I wonder if any of us might recognize a repeating pattern in our lives, a pattern like a shell wrapping around its center, offering its shelter for a time to the life held most preciously inside? I wonder if Christ is the center about which we grow in our spiral-like life?

Or does something else hold our attention while we rotate out of control through the endless rounds of family life, work life, bills, laundry, school schedules for the children, housework and dinner for the family, bed-time routines, and final few moments of exhaustion before sleep. Then wake up and repeat: coffee, breakfast cereal bowl, get the older kids dressed for school, lunches made, bike to school, take the young one shopping and do the errands…

Or, I wonder, is Christ to be found in all of that? If so, how? Perhaps that is what we come together to do each Sunday…in a sense seeking once again to find our center; to find Christ as our center…and fuel ourselves for the great balancing act of life in these, our earthly shells.

What is the shape of your life?

[1] Lindbergh, Anne Morrow.  Gift From the Sea.  Vintage Books, a division of Random House, INC.  New York, NY (c) 1983.

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