Fifth Sunday in Lent, March 29, 2020


 Welcome and Announcements

Gathering Music:  Sanctuary”

Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary; pure and holy, tried and true; 

With thanksgiving, I’ll be a living sanctuary for you.  Repeat two more times

Call to Worship

Thus says the Lord: “I will put my breath in you and you shall live.”

In gratitude, we praise the Giver of Life.

Jesus says: “I am the resurrection and the life.”

In gratitude, we praise the Source of our Being.

Let us worship the One who frees us from the grave and stirs dry bones to life.

Spirit, come and enliven our worship!

Let us pray together:

Prayer of the Day    

Lord God, Great I AM, you are resurrection and life. As we worship you this day show us who we are: bearers of good news, messengers of resurrection; through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Song of Praise: Hymn #409 “God Is Here!” Accompaniment Audio:

Invitation to Healing

Redeemer, Revealer and Giver of Mercy, hear us as we pray:

Prayer of Wholeness

Holy One: We often set our minds on wrong things: On selfish gain instead of generous service; on pursuits that distract, not inspire; on tasks that diminish, rather than give life. We long to set our minds on eternal things: On your way of mercy and compassion; on paths that lead to justice and peace; on living as people of hope. Spirit of God, dwell in us. Give us grace when we fall short, transform our hearts and renew our minds, and set us free to follow you faithfully; in Jesus’ name we pray.  Please continue in silent prayer for a few moments

Lenten Response: Hymn #698 “Take, O Take Me as I Am” 3x

Assurance of God’s Presence and Passing of the Peace

Friends, believe this Good News: God is One and God is Three – Love constantly flowing in, out, and through; the gift of Jesus Christ for me and for you. For this we say:

Thanks be to God!

Since God has loved us, let us also love one another. The Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. And also with you! Please share a sign of peace with whom you are at worship today.

Sung Response #215 “What Wondrous Love Is This

Joys and Holy Stories: Where We Have Seen God at Work

Feel free to place some change aside or use your fish boxes for One Great Hour of Sharing to symbolically save up what you can later convert to check and mail to First Presbyterian Church, PO Box 210, Trout Lake, WA, 98650.

Hymn #544 “Bless the Lord” (Repeat 3x)


Prayer of Illumination: Paul writes in Romans 8:6,” 6To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.” In these times we seek to live in peace. By your Spirit, O God, teach us how from your scriptures today. Amen.

Hebrew Scriptures: Ezekiel 37:1-14

“The Word of the Lord” “Thanks be to God”

Psalm Reading: Psalm 130

“The Word of the Lord” “Thanks be to God”

The Gospel Reading will be told by story; for NRSV text, please see John 11:1-45

Message: “Teaching the Sisters” ~ Pastor Scott  Please spend several moments in silent reflection. For the prepared text, which may or may not reflect the live broadcast, please refer to: TL 3-29-2020 YA L5 Teaching the Sisters


Song of Response: “I Am the Resurrection and the Life“ Campfire Songbook p. 31

I Am the Resurrection and the Life (Chorus first)

I am the resurrection (clap) and the life; (clap, clap, clap, clap)

Those who believe in me will never die!

I am the resurrection (clap) and the life; (clap, clap, clap, clap)

Those who believe in me will live a new life!

 Verse 1: 

I have come to bring you Truth; I have come to bring you Life,

If you believe, then you shall live!   (CHORUS)

Verse 2:

In my Word, the world shall come to know: It is love which makes the Spirit grow,

If you believe, then you shall live! (CHORUS)

Verse 3: 

Keep in mind the things that I have said;

Remember me in the breaking of the bread,

If you believe, then you shall live! (CHORUS)

Affirmation of Faith: Adapted from the Confession of 1967, 9.31

To be reconciled to God is to be sent into the world as God’s reconciling community. Christ has called the church to this mission and given it the gift of the Holy Spirit. The church maintains continuity with the apostles and with Israel by faithful obedience to his call.

Prayers of the People and The Lord’s Prayer

Prayers of the People:

Out of the depths we cry to you, O Lord.                                         Ps. 130:1–2

Lord, hear our voices and be attentive to our prayers.

We pray for those whose hope is lost,                                       Ezek. 37:11–12

who feel dried up and cut off from you.

By your grace, open their graves; bring them back to the land of the living.

We pray for those who are oppressed,                                               John 11:44

held captive by the power of death.

Release them from their chains; unbind them and let them go!

We pray for those who weep,                                                        John 11:32–33

lost and lifeless in fear and regret.

Grant them the peace of your presence; show them what your love can do.

We pray for those who are dying,                                                 John 11:25–26

the light of life fading in their eyes.

Help them to believe in you so that they may live and never die.

We thank you, O Lord,                                                                      John 11:40–41

for having heard our prayers.

Enable us to trust in you, and thus to see your glory; even as we pray the prayer you taught, saying …

The Lord’s Prayer: Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.  Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever;  Amen.

Invitation to Present Regular Tithes and Offerings

In the absence of our physical gathering, the church still has budgetary needs to consider. With true generosity of heart, please make out checks in the amount of your normal tithe (for official members traditionally this is anywhere from 3-10% of your income as you are able) or for nonmembers whatever is laid on your heart to be your offering to: First Presbyterian Church of Trout Lake, PO Box 210, Trout Lake, WA 98650. Thank you for your commitment to our ministry!


Closing Hymn #699: “Fill My Cup” Accompaniment Audio:

Blessing and Charge:

“Let us serve love with our strength today, let us serve love with our strength. In heart and mind and body this day let us serve love.”  ~ John Philip Newell, Sounds of the Eternal: A Celtic Psalter (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2002).

Congregational Song “Let There Be Peace on Earth”  Lyrics found on the inside front cover of the hymnal.

Vision Statement

To provide a place for people of faith to be enlightened, renewed and challenged to go into the community and world to serve others by meeting physical and spiritual needs.

Mission Statement

Living our faith dedicated to all God’s people through worship and action.


Weekly Virtual Session Meeting on Mondays by Zoom Conference at 10 AM. This is one venue we can use to keep track of one another, what needs there are and who would benefit from a telephone call. A phone tree roster is being made to reach as many people as possible during this time. Emailed prayer requests can be sent to Pastor Scott by Friday night for inclusion in Sunday worship. He can be reached at or 503-936-6237. Please be patient with returned phone calls, texts, and emails; he is also home schooling at this time.

Questions for Reflection:

This week:

  1. Where, and how, are you called to preach the good news this week?
  2. Where have you seen glimpses of Easter in the midst of this somber Lenten season?
  3. When you read the text appointed from John this week, where do you place yourself? With the disciples? Mary? Martha? The crowd of mourners? Lazarus?
  4. Have you ever experienced dry bones come to life? What happened?
  5. For what do you rejoice this week?
  6. Where do you most need God to give you life in your mortal body?

Household Prayer: Morning

O God, I know that you are the Lord, for you gave me my life, and caused me to rise this day. Put your Spirit within me, and let my words and actions help others to know that you are my Lord and my God. Amen.

Household Prayer: Evening

My soul waits for you, O Lord, more than those who watch for morning, more than those who watch for morning. Help me to sleep this night in peace, trusting that you will awaken me; through Jesus Christ my Savior. Amen.

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