Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 20, 2020

Advent Candles In Church


Gathering Music:Wait for the Lord” ~ Choral Taize Chant

Welcome and Announcements

Prelude: “Appalachian Christmas Carol” ~ John Ness Beck

 Call to Worship 

My soul magnifies the Lord.

My spirit rejoices in God my savior

For the Mighty One has done great things,

And holy is God’s name

Lighting Advent Wreath Candles of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love

We gather in our homes around the Light of Christ to wait for the coming of Jesus. We light candles to warm our hearts with the Holy Spirit and remember God’s promises. Our first candle is the candle of Hope. “The light of hope shines in the darkness and the darkness has never put it out.”

We light this candle for Hope (light the first candle).

Our second candle is the candle of peace. This candle glows with a calm steadiness that centers our minds and bodies on Christ.

We light this candle for Peace (light the second candle).

Our third candle is the candle of Joy; this candle sparks praise in our souls for Christ is with us and has been with us ever since Mary replied to the angel, “I am the Lord’s servant. Let it be with me just as you have said.”

We light this candle for Joy (light the third candle).

Our fourth candle is the candle of Love; this candle reminds us that Jesus is love. He is with us always and loves us unconditionally through all the events in our lives – in birth and death, in joy and sorrow.

We light this candle for Love (light the fourth candle).

Advent Prayer:

God of Love, thank you that you love us so much even when we turn away from you. Thank you for sending us your son Jesus to show us how to live lives of love. Help us to be aware of your love and share it with others always; Amen.

Hymn of Praise: “A Candle is Burning” ~ by Sandra Dean, adapted by Cate Burton and Penny Merton for New Zealand and Scott Crane for Trout Lake. Sing to the tune of Hymn #114 “Away in a Manger” Original tune William James Kirkpatrick, 1895.

Invitation to Healing

Let us our incomplete and broken selves to the One whose mercy endures from generation to generation, and who makes us whole.

Prayer for Wholeness

Faithful God, we know that you are always there to guide us, yet we often make plans without listening to you and discover that our human agendas can drown out our ability to hear your will for us. Forgive us, we pray. Help us change that we might magnify your holy name forever…

                Please continue in silent prayer

Advent Carol #92 “While We Are Waiting, Come

Assurance and Passing of the Peace

Friends, believe this Good News: God is One and God is Three – Love constantly flowing in, out, and through; the gift of Jesus Christ for me and for you. For this we say: Thanks be to God!

Since God has loved us through Christ, let us love one another. Please share a sign of peace.

You are invited to share God’s Peace with those with whom you are worshiping.

Sung Response: Hymn #581 “Glory Be to the Father”

Celebrating Joys: Where we have seen God at work

Hymn #130 “Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light”  


Prayer of Illumination:

Astonishing God, send your Holy Spirit upon us as we await the coming of your Son. Fill us with good things that we may conceive your reign on earth and glorify you according to your Word; through Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

Hebrew Scripture: 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16

“The Word of the Lord” “Thanks be to God”

Epistle Reading: Romans 16:25-27

“The Word of the Lord” “Thanks be to God”

Gospel Reading: Luke 1:39-56

“The Gospel of the Lord” “Praise to you O Christ”

Reflection: A Revolutionary Love ~ Pastor Scott Crane

Please spend several moments in silent reflection


Hymn of Response: #100 “Canticle of the Turning”

Affirmation of Faith:  ~ Adapted from the Confession of 1967, 9.19

Out of Israel, God in due time raised up Jesus. His faith and obedience were the response of the perfect child of God. He was the fulfillment of God’s promise to Israel, the beginning of the new creation, and the pioneer of the new humanity. He gave history its meaning and direction and called the church to be his servant for the reconciliation of the world.

Intercessory Prayers of the People

Let us join our voices with Elizabeth and Mary, who celebrates God’s greatness and sings of God’s blessing for all who are poor and oppressed.

Eternal God, we pray for the world, that our ways of injustice may be overturned, even now through the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ; for nothing is impossible with you. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers!

We pray for the mission of your church, for justice of the oppressed, for the healing of the earth and all its people. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers!

We pray for all who suffer, that we may feed the hungry and lift up the lowly through the power of your holy and life-giving Spirit. We remember before you those who have died and those who mourn at their passing. Grant us strength and encouragement to meet each day with you. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers!

Light of the world live among us always, full of grace and truth. Let your face shine upon the church and all this weary world, as we look forward to a new day, a new year. we pray all this through our Lord Jesus Christ who taught his disciples to pray, saying:

The Lord’s Prayer: “…debts…debtors…” Hymnal p. 35 Español p. 40

Invitation to Present Our Offerings

Joining Mary’s joyful song, our souls proclaim the greatness of the Lord, and our spirits rejoice in God our Savior. With humble and grateful hearts, let us bring our offerings to God.

Members, friends, and guests: Church expenses total roughly $1900 a month. Thank you for your commitment and your generosity. Please make checks out to First Presbyterian Church of Trout Lake, PO Box 210, Trout Lake, WA 98650.

Offering of Thanksgiving with Poetry: “            ”

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Dedication

Holy God, your love is magnified in the gift of your Son, whom you freely share with us. Bless all the gifts we offer you and one another to lift up the lowly and fill the hungry in. your coming reign of justice and peace; in Christ’s name, Amen.


Closing Hymn #753 “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace”


Do not be afraid, for God is with you and will strengthen you in your journey through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory forever!


May the blessing of God, who creates, redeems, and restores, be with you now and always. “May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the [snow] fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may you be held in the palm of God’s hand.” 

Congregational Song “Let There Be Peace on Earth”

Questions for Reflection

Mary’s song proclaims that God is lifting up the lowly while scattering the proud and feeding the hungry while sending the rich away with empty hands. How does this change the way you think about God’s coming reign of justice and favor? How does this change the way you live?

Household Prayers: Morning

Expectant God, Mary sings because she has new life in her, the promise of your salvation. Fill me with hope this day as I lift my life to you and seek to do your will. Look with favor on your world and all who are in need, that your love may be magnified as I follow humbly in your way.  Amen.


Lord, as I come to you seeking rest this night, I pray that all may find a home in you, be disturbed by no one, and be free of the afflictions of the evil one, for you, O God, are mighty to save.  Amen.

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