Worship with Communion for January 3, 2022; the Second Sunday after Christmas

Christmas Eve Candles


                                             * Those willing and able please stand

Gathering Music: Hymn #136 “Go Tell It on the Mountain”

Welcome and Announcements    

Prelude: “In the Singing” by Murray and Young

* Call to Worship

The Word became flesh and lived among us. And we have seen his glory.

The true light that enlightens everyone has come into the world.

Glory to God who has blessed us in Christ. Glory to God forever.

Let us pray together:

* Prayer of the Day    

God of grace and truth, you sent Jesus, your Word made flesh, to live among us and show us your glory. Help us to receive him and to believe in his name so that we may be born anew as your beloved children; through Christ, our life and our light.  Amen.

* Hymn of Praise: #127 “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”

* Invitation to Healing

In God, we find light for our darkness, and through that light we discover the things that separate us from God and one another. In this discovery we are invited to offer ourselves to God, that we might receive – and also give – healing wholeness.  Let us pray together, saying:

* Prayer of Wholeness

God of Light, you call us home from our exiles, yet we remain wandering and lost. You came to dwell among us, yet we refuse to welcome you. Forgive us, God of grace. Gather us up in your arms and hold us close, that we may live to praise you, for the sake of Christ our Lord, Amen.

* Kyrie #551: “Lord, Have Mercy”

* Assurance of God’s Presence and Passing of the Peace

Friends, believe this Good News: God is One and God is Three – Love constantly flowing in, out, and through; the gift of Jesus Christ for me and for you. For this we say:  Thanks be to God!

Since God has loved us through Christ, let us love one another; the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!  And also with you!

Please share a sign of peace with those worshiping with you.

* Sung Response Hymn #583: “Glory to God” 2x: once in English, once in Latin

Celebrating Our Joys & Where We Have Seen God at Work

Sung Response Hymn #654 “In the Lord I’ll Be Ever Thankful”


Prayer of Illumination:

O God, wash and anoint us with your word of truth.  In the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen.

Hebrew Scripture Reading: Psalm 147:12-20 p. 774 OT

 “The Word of the Lord” “Thanks be to God”

Epistle Reading: Ephesians 1:3-14 p. 258 NT

“The Word of the Lord” “Thanks be to God”

Gospel Reading: John 1:(1-9) 10-18 p. 124 NT

“The Gospel of the Lord” “Praise to you O Christ”

Meditation: TL 1-2-2022 YC C2 Encountering Something New~ Pastor Scott


* Hymn of Response: Hymn #158 “Born in the Night, Mary’s Child”

* Affirmation of Faith: ~ Adapted from the Confession of Belhar

We believe that God has entrusted the church with the message of reconciliation in and through Jesus Christ. We believe that the church is called to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We believe that the church is called blessed because it is a peacemaker. We believe that the church is witness both by word and by deed to the new heaven and the new earth in which righteousness dwells.

Intercessory Prayers of the People

Call and response: “Lord in your mercy,” “Hear our prayers.”

Celebrating the Lord’s Supper

Invitation to Present Our Offerings

We are called by God to present a harvest of righteousness – not by virtue of our own works, but by the grace of the One who began a good work in us.  Let us bring our tithes and offerings to the Lord.

Offertory: “Emmanuel, Emmanuel” by Bob McGee

* Doxology Hymn #606

* Prayer of Dedication

We praise you, God of steadfast love and faithfulness, for all your marvelous works, and for the great abundance with which you fill our lives. We bring these gifts to you with joy and ask that you will use them to be a source of joy and blessing for all our neighbors, near and far, in the name of Jesus, who taught his disciples to pray, saying:

* The Lord’s Prayer (…debts…debtors…)

Invitation to the Lord’s Table

This is the joyful feast of the people of God!

People will come from north and south and from east and west to sit at table in the kingdom of God.

According to Luke, when our risen Lord was at table with his disciples, he took bread, blessed and broke, and gave it to them.

Their eyes were opened, and they recognized him.

This is the Lord’s table.  Our Savior invites those who trust him to share the feast that he has prepared.

Great Thanksgiving

The Lord be with you.  And also with you. Lift up your hearts.  We lift them up to the Lord.

Let us give thanks to the Lord our God. It is right to give our thanks and praise.

How can we thank you, O God?  For sun and moon and stars, for breath and life and all things good, for your steadfast promise and your faithful love, for the day that is surely coming when all things will be made new. With saints, with angels, and with the whole creation, we join the ancient and eternal hymn:

Hymn #562 “Holy, Holy, Holy”

Together, we continue: Blessed is Jesus Christ, our Savior: Through Christ all things came into being; he is the light that darkness cannot overcome, your Word made flesh, full of grace and truth. We remember how, when the hour had come, Jesus took his place at the table with the apostles and spoke these words:

“Take, eat.  This is my body given for you.  Do this in remembrance of me.”

We remember Jesus also said: “I am the vine, you are the branches…Believe in me and never thirst.” After supper he poured a cup and spoke these words:

“This cup is the new covenant sealed in my blood, shed for you for the forgiveness of sins.  Whenever you drink it, do this in remembrance of me.”

With thanks and praise we offer ourselves to you, sharing this holy meal, remembering Christ’s dying and rising, and praying: Come Lord Jesus!

Hymn #563: “Christ Has Died; Christ Is Risen”

According to Christ’s commandment, we remember his death, we proclaim his resurrection, we await his coming in glory.

Pour out your Holy Spirit upon us and upon these your gifts of bread and cup, that the bread we break and the cup we bless may be the communion of the body and blood of Christ.  Calling on the power of the Holy Spirit, we pray:

That we may be made one with the risen Christ and with all God’s creation; that we may be faithful as Christ’s body in ministry in the world, and that we may live in anticipation of the fullness of God’s realm.

Through Christ, with Christ, in Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor are yours, almighty God, now and forever!  Amen?


So be it. All has been prepared and the table awaits.  These are the gifts of God for the people of God.

Thanks be to God!

Communion of the People

Zoom participants are invited to share your own bread and cup together at home. When all have finished partaking of the sacraments, all may join:

Hymn of Reflection: #727 “The Servant Song”

Prayer following Communion 

Let us pray together:

Holy and astounding God, at this table, in this meal, we have been met by Christ – the reflection of your glory, the imprint of your being.  As we go from this place may our lives be a joyful song, proclaiming the good news of your righteousness and peace for the whole world.  Amen.


Closing Hymn: #132 “Good Christian Friends, Rejoice”

Charge: Trust in the Lord and know that God is at work within you.

Benediction: “Deep peace be with you…”

         Friends, this worship has ended, let our service begin!

Congregational Song: “Let There Be Peace on Earth”

Lyrics found on the inside front cover of the hymnal.

Questions for Reflection

How may I live this day as a child of God who shares in the inheritance of Christ?

As Christ shines into the darkness of the world around me, what does the Light of Christ allow me to see?

Household Prayer: Morning

Loving God, each new day you fill the world with light for our work and recreation; as we go to our daily tasks, teach us to live as your faithful children whose eyes are open to the light of Christ.  Where there is uncertainty or falsehood, help us see your truth.  Where there is division or conflict, keep us in your love.  Enable all that we do or say to bear witness to our inheritance as children of God; through Jesus Christ, your beloved Son.  Amen.

Household Prayer: Evening

Holy God, evening falls upon us, but darkness cannot overcome your light.  In all that we have faithfully accomplished this day, your light has illumined our way.  In all that we have truthfully spoken this day, your wisdom has guided our judgment.  In any way we have strayed, may your light reveal our fault and your wisdom correct our folly.  Let us rest from our labor, trusting in your love for all your children, and let us begin tomorrow with renewed strength to live according to your will.  Through Christ we pray.  Amen.

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